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Natural Support for Peri-Menopause & Menopause

hormones Mar 07, 2024

What Are the Common Signs of Menopause?

Hot flashes are one of the most well-known symptoms of menopause, occurring multiple times a day for many. Another key symptom is vaginal dryness, which although significant, is less frequently discussed. Anxieties, irritability and sleep disturbances are other symptoms that can appear around this stage. It's important to understand that these experiences, while common, are not universal and can be managed with the right approach. 

Perimenopause and Menopause Variability. Is Everyone's Menopause Experience the Same?

The journey through perimenopause to menopause is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Not everyone will encounter the same symptoms or severity, offering a ray of hope for those fearing the transition. The diversity in experiences serves as a reminder of the body's varied responses to hormonal changes.


What Naturopathic Support is there? 

1 - Hormone Testing - above and beyond estrogen and progesterone

Modern medical science provides several methods for assessing hormonal levels during menopause, including blood, saliva, and urine tests. This variety in these hormone testing offers individuals the opportunity to understand their hormonal changes better and seek personalized treatments, making symptom management more effective.

Many of these tests are offered through Naturopathic Doctor and cover a wide range of hormones and nutrients that are not traditionally done through your Medical Doctor. Discovering where these underlying imbalances lie can be a huge help in managing menopausal symptoms. 


2 - Wellness Practices 

Incorporating wellness practices such as yoga and meditation can be challenging but highly beneficial in managing menopause symptoms. These practices help in 'cocooning' oneself to allow you to look inside and find a state of calm and balance, which offers both physical and emotional benefits. Without this calm, the storm of symptoms can surge to unmanageable levels.

Make it a non negatable to add in deep breaths daily to help keep your nervous system calmer and your irritability in check. 


3 - Herbs 

Many herbs grow to help heal the species on this planet.  Humans and animals alike have been using these herbs to help with illness since the beginning of time. Herbs have an amazing ability to help the body balance things like hormones or to help clear the body of toxins both of which can be beneficial in menopause. 

Herbs like black cohosh, vitex and even ashwagandha can benefit those in menopause. The medical model we follow in North America does not use herbs. Naturopathic Doctors are well versed in herbs and can help recommend appropriate ones depending on symptoms. 


4 - Naturopathic Courses and visits

There are various programs designed to support individuals during their menopause journey, including group programs, online courses and 1 and 1 support from Integrative Practitioners.  These focus mainly on balancing hormones through clean eating, resets, detoxes and stress reduction. These holistic approaches address the physical, emotional, and nutritional needs, suggesting that managing menopause symptoms can be a comprehensive endeavor. Man women find that using such programs can provide valuable guidance and support that can go beyond traditional recommendations. 


Can Naturopathic Medicine Help?

YES! As Naturopathic Doctors working with women daily, we know how hard it can be to move through perimenopause and menopause if you are having multiple symptoms. Focusing on the balancing hormones we can help women lessen these symptoms and move through these stages with grace and ease. You can start with a 1 on 1 appointment or with a course, whatever fits well into your lifestyle. Ether way, we love to help women get back to feeling like they SHINE!

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