Hello! We're Hallie & Tanya


We are both Moms and Naturopathic Doctors with over 25 years of combined experience and proud founders of 2 Naturopathic Moms LLC.
We know what extreme exhaustion is - on top of hearing so many moms' stories of their struggles with fatigue, we have also both been there!
If naturopathic training wasn’t enough to bring us to the brink of exhaustion, once the kids came into the mix, the tiredness was debilitating. Luckily for us we had tools in our back pocket to combat this and we were able to bring our energized selves back. 
Now it's our mission to make sure moms with hidden potential (masked by their exhaustion) don't have to endure the same trial-and-error we had to go through. 

We are Naturopathic Doctors, Moms and Best Friends. 

We are passionate about healthy living, We've been using our love of natural medicine to help people optimize their health for the last 15 years. We search for the root cause of your health issues, no Band-Aids or long term medications needed! 

Now together we  are working to help people who are struggling with exhaustion, stress, hormone imbalances and digestive issues to reclaim their health so they can live a life they feel excited about! 

Meet Dr. Hallie Armstrong, ND

I live with my 2 kiddos and husband next door to my parents. I hate shopping and always wear all black so I do not have to decide what to wear! 
I have spent the majority of my career as a naturopathic doctor teaching not only my patients but also medical doctors, residents, and medical students how to help women regain their energy. 
I have worked for most of my career out of Beaumont Health, a conservative hospital system in Michigan and have tons of experience working with hormones, gut issues and balancing the nervous system. 
In addition, I have worked closely with University of Arizona training residents in Integrative medicine through Dr. Weil’s center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Andrew Weil is a medical authority on integrative and natural medicine.  I have also enjoyed leading hundreds of group sessions and seminars on Living Healthy Naturally. 
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Meet Dr. Tanya O'Brien, ND


I have 3 kids, love cooking, nature, being active and spending time with my family and friends. A true extrovert - I love meeting new people and am always up for an adventure! 
I have a private practice and am the co-host of our amazing online community of moms who are fighting against the norm - not accepting that exhaustion and motherhood go hand-in-hand.   
Years ago - I too went through the feeling of overwhelming tiredness myself, losing hope and confidence as a mother, a spouse and a friend. 
I know what it feels like, first hand, to be utterly exhausted and now know what it feels like to have abundant energy!
I have helped countless women regain their energy and get their zest for life back. 


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If you crave to have  energy, balanced hormones, better sleep and confidence, then book your professional, personal one on one appointment with either of us! We will help you improve your health with science based natural remedies that are sure to make you feel on top of the world! 

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