Healing with Naturopathic Medicine

Supporting hormones, reducing stress and optimizing digestion so you can shine from the inside out. 

When you are tired of feeling blah...

It's time to stop just barely getting by and instead, love feeling productive and clear headed.  

Get back to feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Enjoy energy that lasts all day without having to rely on caffeine or excessive exercise. 

So you can get back to enjoying life in all its fullness!

We have courses to help you feel amazing!

No matter where you are on your health journey, we have a course for you. 

Stand Alone Courses

These stand alone courses allows you to do it all on your own time. 

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Naturally Energized Method 

For moms who are ready to get back to feeling energized.

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Hi There!


Hallie & Tanya here,💗

We've been using our love of natural health to help people optimize their health for the last 15 years. We are super passionate about helping people get back to living their lives full of energy and zest. 

Before Tanya found Naturopathic Medicine she was dealing with a multitude of health issues. Focusing on using nature and dealing with the underlying root causes of her health, she now feels like instead of surviving she is thriving.

Now together they are working to help people who are struggling with exhaustion, stress, hormone imbalances and digestive issues to reclaim their health so they can live a life they feel happy in. 


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"I can't believe how much better I am dealing with stress after going through the program."


"I feel like I'm back to myself! I have energy that lasts all day and I feel comfortable in my clothes again."


"The Naturally Energized Method helped me to have a more even temper and balanced hormones."

Find out more about what we offer.

Download our resources, join us for a live interactive webinar, join our private Facebook group or contact us to learn more about how to increase your energy, balance your hormones, improve your digestion and get back to embracing life!

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Looking for a community of like minded moms who share tips on how to reclaim their energy, support each other and get awesome tips from two naturopathic doctors, all while having fun?

Join our private Facebook group All Day Energy For Moms.

We created this free group so you can get our latest updates, learn about cool events and laugh a little!

Explore the free resources we have on energy, sleep, nutrition and gut health.


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We know what it feels like to be:

  • frustrated

  • exhausted

  • irritable

  • unable to focus

On this live talk we will walk you through 5 steps that can help you increase your energy, balance your moods and allow you to finally get a solid nights sleep!

Join us for this fun, informative, interactive workshop where we teach you the how to reclaim your energy, clarity and happiness, and have energy that lasts all day.


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