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Is it time to Detox? or ReTox?! For You?!

detox hormones Jan 10, 2024

Do You Need a Detox? or Maybe a Re-Tox!

A detox is a wonderful tool to give your body a break from all of the toxins it is exposed to on a daily basis. It can help to put your body back into balance to help to prevent disease, clear foggy thinking, boost  your immune system, improve energy, low mood and joint pains. After a detox, people often suffer from fewer headaches and lose weight. 

A detox is also great for those suffering from seasonal allergies as it aids the liver’s ability to break down and metabolize histamine, that nasty molecule that leaves us with itchy runny noses and watery eyes.

Detoxification happens in two phases. In phase one, the toxins are mobilized out of the fat cells and in phase two, they are eliminated. If phase one is up-regulated and the toxins are not eliminated properly, the toxins can just be mobilized and be re-absorbed, leaving you feeling worse off than when you started.   It is very important to work with a health care practitioner such as a naturopathic doctor before attempting any form of detoxification.  Pregnancy, history of an eating disorder, cancer and other chronic conditions are contraindications for a cleanse. Medications are often affected during a cleanse, so it is important to have those monitored.

2 Naturopathic Moms is offering a group detox program.  This program includes pharmaceutical grade supplements, meal replacements and suggestions, pre-screening by a naturopathic doctor, weekly online, Live (recorded) meetings to help you through the process and professional coaching throughout the entire detox. To help safely and effectively detoxify your body and mind or for more information click here.

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