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Chocolate Energy Bites

Sep 23, 2022
I adapted this recipe from Julie Daniluk’s ‘Slimming Meals that Heal’ cookbook and added a few ingredients to help make them even healthier. I love the rich cocoa taste and the slight bitterness from the herbs I add. When I am craving chocolate these will satisfy that sweet tooth and give me so much more nutrients than a piece of dark chocolate alone. These are hands down one of my kid’s favorite snacks. The added spirulina is full of nutrients, including chlorophyll, which help excrete toxins from the body. The maca helps with energy and stress resilience and the ashwagandha helps boost the immune system. My favorite part for the kids though is the tahini, which is high in calcium.
1 tsp cinnamon
½ cup cocoa powder
Pinch of sea salt
½ cup tahini
½ cup almond or peanut butter
¼ cup honey
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
 2 tbsp maca powder
2 tsp ashwagandha powder (optional)
1 tsp spirulina (optional)
In a bowl, stir together maca, ashwagandha, spirulina, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and salt until well mixed.
Slowly add in remining ingredients and mix well using your hands.
Roll into 1-inch balls and keep in the refrigerator. You can roll in coconut flakes or cocoa powder if you choose to.
You can add more nut butter (not tahini as it’s bitter), honey or cocoa powder if you feel they are too bitter.
Dr. Tanya O'Brien, ND

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