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With a professional step by step program,

you're sure to stay energized and motivated like never before.

When you are tired of being tired...

It's time to stop just barely getting by and instead love feeling productive and clear headed.  

Get back to feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Enjoy energy that lasts all day without having to rely on caffeine or excessive exercise. 

So you can get back to being a happy fun loving mom!

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What's inside the Mom SHINE Program?

The information you need to help you reclaim your energy, balance your moods and sleep solidly, without relying on caffeine, sleeping aides or the birth control pill. 

Step by Step Method


A step-by-step, proven method designed to take the guess work out of healing. So you don't have to think about what to do next, simply follow the steps and watch the magic unfold.

Massive Support and Accountability


We are there for you every step of the way, cheering you on, answering questions and supporting your entire journey of reclaiming your energy.





Having a community of women going through the process with you makes the journey easier. Here we celebrate wins, get questions answered and enjoy a laugh together.


Lifetime Access to Course Content

Once you're in, you have access for life! That means a lifetime access to any updates or changes.  The strategies, tools and resources you will use to reclaim your energy are forever yours including:

 → 12 modules on stress reduction, digestive health, hormonal balance, sleep and exercise with over 30 audio/video lessons with downloadable PDFs and additional energy boosting resources.
→ Dozens of meal guides with tons of recipes for all eating styles and cooking abilities.

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"I can't believe how much better I am dealing with stress after going through the program."


"I feel like I'm back to myself! I have energy that lasts all day and I feel comfortable in my clothes again."


"Hey Everyone! Just starting week 7 and I can't state enough how much better I am feeling. I am almost pain free and feeling better than I can remember feeling in a very long time! If you are on the fence about trying the program - DO IT - you won't regret your choice."

 Imagine A Life..

where you have enough energy to do everything you want!

✔ Like having enough energy after you put the kids to bed to stay awake for your Netflix binge or having a glass of wine with a girlfriend. 

✔ Or getting your kids and family on board with living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy together.

✔ Not missing out on your kid's events because you are too tired.

✔ Not hesitating to accept amazing opportunities or invitations because you have sustained, reliable energy.

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Mom SHINE Program Options

No matter your preference, we have an option for you... 

Self Study

This stand alone course allows you to do it all on your own time. 

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Signature Program

Get yourself motivated with weekly meets & group sessions.

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Lavish 3 bonus 45 minute one to one calls alongside the weekly group support. 

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Hi There!


Hallie & Tanya here,💗

We've been using our love of natural health to help moms renew their energy for the last 15 years. We are super passionate about helping high achieving moms get back to living their lives full of energy and zest. 


When Tanya was still experiencing exhaustion after her youngest was 2, Hallie stepped in to help bring her back to life. Now together we are working to help all moms who are struggling with exhaustion to reclaim their energy so they can live a life they feel happy in. 


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Explore the free resources we have on, energy, sleep, nutrition and gut health.


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