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Optimize Your Digestion With the GI Protocol

Improving your digestion can help to eliminate  embarrassing digestive pain and helps improve your mental health and immune system.

Feel better in your jeans again and stop worrying about where the closest bathroom is. Make the leap today!

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1 Course: 4 Life-Changing Lessons On Digestion

No more relying on antacids, PPIs or restrictive eating. Learn to heal the underlying causes of your tummy troubles for good.

Learning objectives

Do you have a food sensitivity?

Do a deep dive into food sensitives, allergies and leaky gut syndrome.  

learning objectives

How to get the perfect poo

Need to stop constantly wondering where the bathroom is? Or need help with making sure you are more regular? Tune in, this is for you! 

Learning Objectives

How to stop the bloating

Learn strategies and tools to help remove inflammatory triggers causing you pain, bloating, irregular stools and indigestion.

Learning Objectives

Reducing Indigestion & Heartburn

Sick of relying on antacids daily? Learn what can be done instead. 

Learning Objectives

Discover the GI Protocol

Dive into the 4 pillars of digestive health - Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Repair so you can enjoy life without embarrassing digestive issues holding you back!


Learn from the comfort of your own home!


We are Dr. Hallie & Dr. Tanya


We are Naturopathic Doctors, Moms, and Best Friends. 

We are passionate about healthy living. We've been using our love of natural medicine to help people optimize their health for the last 15 years. We search for the root cause of your health issues, no Band-Aids or long term medications needed! 

Together we are working to help people who are struggling with exhaustion, stress, hormone imbalances and digestive issues to reclaim their health so they can live a life they feel excited about! 

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"Drs. Hallie and Tanya changed my life. I can now enjoy girls night out, eating salads, and having the occasional dessert without always worrying about if I can find a bathroom!"

- Samantha Marino

"I no longer rely on daily TUMS or my acid reducing medication"

- Bill Bayaud

"From bloated, constipated and suffering from IBS to having normal bowel movements  daily and feeling confident again! Working with Dr. Hallie and Dr. Tanya sparked it all!"

- Susan Smith
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Get Your Digestion Back On Track

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